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Training Information

Training session
  • Youth Class - Friday 18:00-19:30
Training session
  • Adult Class - Friday 18:00 - 19:30
  • £5 - First trial session and will deduct from your monthly fee if you join.
  • £20 per month - One session per week, payment on the first lesson of each month.
    Bank Transfer - Nationwide Building Society
    Name - Dr T A DIEP
    Sort Code - 07-01-16
    Account No. - 43286926
    Ref: - Student Name
  • £20 - A set of uniform. Class requirement
  • £20 - UFC style gloves. Class requirement
  • £13 - Replacement trouser.
  • £7 - Replacement polo top.
    Binh Thai Dao UK
    CT Centre - Billington Street
    NN1 4DB
    United Kingdom

    : +44 7899 800 100
    : info@binhthaidao.com

Red Level (Tiger Style)

The red level will be covering as follows: -
Entry Level
  • Respect to Master, Gym and Members
  • Class Formation
Red Level
  • Ten Hands
  • Nine Horse Stance

Red Level - First Grade 180h
  • Side Kick
  • Sweep Kick
  • Swapping Horse
  • Rotation Horse
  • Form - SEVEN STEPS
  • Combat - Attack all block
    Combat - Reteat all block
    Combat - Double dragon attack all block
    Combat - Double dragon retreat all block

Red Level - Second Grade 180h
  • Combat - Old tiger return to mountain
    Combat - Sweep the horse's leg
    Combat - One spear to calm mountain
    Combat - Repeat all block
    Combat - Single angel rescue the god
  • Combat - Peacock left / right defense
    Combat - Return back defense
    Combat - One upper strike (thunder fist)
    Combat - Strong tiger leave mountain
    Combat - Killer strike
    Combat - LA THÔNG sweep the north

Red Level - Third Grade 180h
  • Form - CAT WASH FACE (Spirit)
  • Combat - Double butterfly kick
    Combat - Single angel win strong tiger
    Combat - Powerful tiger leave mountain
    Combat - Throught the heart kick
    Combat - Return horse kick
    Combat - TÔ TẦN with extra sword
  • Combat - Raise alter to pray the general
    Combat - Open heaven destruction
    Combat - Raven change wing
    Combat - Cut the horse rereat
    Combat - Lost horse with golden spear
    Combat - BAO CÔNG casting evil

Green Level (Dragon Style)

Student from Red Level grading to Green Level must abe able to performs as follows: -
  • Sixteen fists in Four Equal Stance 12 times (6 times each side)
  • Three defense moves (seven steps) 40 times
  • Through the heart kick 40 times
  • One upper strike (thunder fist) 40 times
  • Double butterly kick 20 times

Green Level - First Grade 360h

Green Level - Second Grade 360h
  • Form - GIANT EAGLE
  • Weapon - DOUBLE DRAGON FOUGHT FOR THE PEARL (butterfly knife)

Green Level - Third Grade 360h
  • Weapon - GOD'S BEST THREE BLADES (large blade)
  • Weapon - COOL SPEAR HEAD (spear)

Black Level (Snake Style)

The black level will be covering as follows: -
Black Level - First Grade
  • Form - updating
  • Weapon - updating
Green Level - Secound Grade
  • Form - updating
  • Weapon - updating
Green Level - Third Grade
  • Form - updating
  • Weapon - updating

White Level (Monkey Style)

The white level will be ONLY for Internal Student ONLY: -
White Level - First Grade
  • Internal Student only
White Level - Second Grade
  • Internal Student only
White Level - Third Grade
  • Internal Student only

Gold Level (Master)

The Gold level is for Master ONLY
Gold Level - First Grade
  • Master view only
Gold Level - Second Grade
  • Master view only
Gold Level - Third Grade
  • Master view only

Code of Conduct

The Five "Must Not" Rules

  • MUST NOT disobey the Master or damage school reputation.
  • MUST NOT bully or abuse power.
  • MUST NOT behave obsessively.
  • MUST NOT change to bad character or bad behaviour.
  • MUST NOT take pride in winning or be discouraged by losing.

Dos and Don'ts

  • Do Not train straight after a meal, leave at least two hours.
  • Do Not sit down during traing session, even for a few minutes.
  • Do Not drink during training, only rinse your mouth with water.
  • Do Not have intercourse straight after training session.
  • Do train morning and evening to absorb Yin and Yang Energy.


  • The members put a lot of time and effort to run the school and teach students within it. Please be always on time, lateness is considered disrespectful. A plan of training is set out for each student when they join, it is therefore important absence is kept to a minimum and only when absolutely necessary, your Master invest time and effort to train you so show them the same dedication and respect. Try to inform us of any absences, leave a message on the email info@binhthaidao.com or contact us via mobile. Your absence is not only disruptive to your training but also for the other students and instructors. The school reserves the right to ask anyone to leave due to constant absence.


  • At the school we would like to ensure a friendly atmosphere that allows us all to train to our potential. The school is run as a Kung Fu family therefore any untoward behaviour and aggression toward any of its members will not be tolerated. Similarly it is absolutely forbidden for you to misuse the skills learnt at the school.

Training Room Rules

  • As in any training room there are certain rules which should be upheld at all times.
  • Before entering and exiting the training room you must bow and hand fist salute, showing respect for the school and its members.
  • Remove street shoes before entering the training area. Removing our street shoes is an ancient tradition. It is a sign of a visitor’s humility to remove their footwear and it preserves the hygiene of the training room.
  • Aim to be 10 minutes early to your lesson as being late is a sign of bad manners and disrespect to your Master.
  • Always walk quietly to the rear of a class in session. Never walk in front of the Master during a class.
  • If necessary, speak quietly when class in session and never when your Master is speaking.
  • No eating, drinking, smoking or chewing gum in the training room.
  • Control your emotions at all times. The training room is an excellent place to increase your self control.
  • Refrain from using foul language in or near the training room.
  • Always bow to the Master at the beginning and end of each class. Likewise, bow to your workout partner when practicing together.
  • Questions are encouraged throughout the lesson however they must be asked in the proper way and if necessary your Master will answer them after the lesson. Raise your hand should you have a question. Your Master will reserve a proper time in class to answer questions you may have. Do not disrupt the flow of the class by interrupting the Master with too many questions, these will often disrupt the flow of class and ultimately slow your progress.
  • Possession of drugs or alcohol in the training room is grounds for immediate dismissal.
  • Students should wear the traditional uniform in all classes. Once you have been awarded a sash you will also be required to wear this with pride. A dirty wrinkled uniform reflects badly on you as a student. Always wear a clean uniform to class. Take pride in your uniform!
  • Refer to your instructor with a title: Master. The respect you show towards others is a reflection of the respect you have for yourself and the arts.
  • It is poor judgment to always be asking about your next rank or wanting more material. This shows a lack of patience, humility and disrespect towards your Masters professional judgment. When your Master feels you are ready for more material he will be eager to share it with you. We all want to see you honestly progress.
  • Support your Training room. Always purchase your equipment from your Master. We will always strive to get you the best price and quality. By keeping the business in the training room, you help keep your tuition lower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I join the class?

Come along to one of the class scheduled day, have a try session, if you like your tried session,, just fill in the form and pay the fees to join the future classes.

Q2. What do i need to wear on the first day?

You may wear anything in dark or black colour, must be loose and comfortable.

Q3. Will I need a uniform?

Yes, but only if you decided to join the future classes. The uniform is £20, this contain a black polo top and a kung fu trouser. Once you have achieved red level then a red embroided logo will be added to the top.

Q4. What will I be learning?

Firstly, the basic of all basics Ten Hands, Nine Horse Stance, Sixteen Fist, Side Kick and Sweep Kick.

Q5. How often will I be grading?

Grading for both adult and children classes will be in May yearly. However the two assessments are conducting on the last week of November and February each year. Please check Classes tab for more information.

BTD Team

Master Diep

Dr Sir Tuan Anh DIEP

Sir Tuan Anh was born in 1967 the grandson of Great Grand Master DIEP Truong Phat, founder of Binh Thai Dao Kung Fu, and son of Grand Master DIEP Bao Sanh a Kung Fu Master for the Binh Thai Dao School in Vietnam.

After the war in 1975, Vietnam began to expel people of Chinese origins. Master Diep’s family had to leave everything behind, becoming refugees who resettled in the United Kingdom in October 1979. Despite all the hardship, Master Diep’s father began to rebuild his life opening a Kung Fu school in Northampton in 1983, and taught his children to follow in his footsteps.

Dr Diep has successfully qualified as a Master of Binh Thai Dao Kung Fu, Master of Feng Shui and Doctor of Medicine M.D. (T.M.). Mastering skills in Martial Arts, Traditional Medicine and Feng Shui, has enabled Master Diep to fully understand the true concept of Ancient Chinese Philosophy of Yin and Yang and what is Qi (vital energy).

Master Diep is the Third Generation Master in Binh Thai Dao School of Kung Fu for both United Kingdom and Vietnam.


Benjamin PALMER

Benjamin had always been interested in Martial arts and alternative healing methods. He joined many martial arts schools practising Shotokan and Judo in his early years. Tae Kwon do in his teens and Ju Jitsu at university, Benjamin always felt the martial arts he had found were more like sports classes, which had lost their Traditional martial arts roots.

Benjamin finally found the Master he had been searching for when he encountered Master Tuan Anh Diep.

Benjamin is currently studying Binh Thai Dao Kung Fu, Chinese medicine, Acupuncture and Feng Shui under Master Diep while helping to teach the newer students.

Master Diep

Tieu Van DIEP

Tieu Van Diep eldest child of Master Diep has been studying Binh Thai Dao Kung Fu since she was 7. Tieu Van began her training with the adults before there was a childrens class in Northampton. Master Diep has taught Tieu Van almost every form within the Binh Thai Dao style making her proficient with an assortment of weapons.

Tieu Van now assists with the teaching of the Binh Thai Dao Youth Class.

Master Diep


As Master Diep’s only son Tu Can Diep is expected to carry on the family lineage of Kung Fu Masters in the Future. In preparation for this Tu Can has trained from the age of 3 to acquire the skills and knowledge to become a Master in the Future. While Tu Can is still far from attaining the rank of Master, he trains every day making him a formidable Martial Artist at such a young age.

Tu Can also assists with instructing the Binh Thai Dao Youth Class.

BTD Minh Dat

Minh Dat DO

Minh Dat had been traing with Binh Thai Dao for over 4 years and had shown exeptional talent and trained closely with Tu Can Diep, both continues to improve their skills. Master Diep chosen Minh Dat to assisting with Binh Thai Dao Children class.

Minh Dat now assists with instructing the Binh Thai Dao Youth Class.

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